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Last year I spent some four months in Uganda on business. African countries are wonderful, full of fun and adventures, full of opportunities and surprises. For some poor people malaria becomes one - such surprises and adventures, if I can say so.by the time of my trip I had heard many scary stories about malaria and I was sure to take preventive measures to avoid falling ill with this terrible disease. I chose Mefloquine to be the medication I entrust my life and health as I have heard and read many positive reviews of the medication as the life saver. And I carefully observed my doctors instructions and took Mefloquine according to the prescription. In spite of the fact that many people told me Mefloquine was not good, I observed no side effects and never suffered from Malaria. I am sure that it is due to Mefloquine that I stayed healthy and sound as when in Uganda I visited many risky paces and have been bitten by insects for a lot of times. However I stayed protected from malaria and came back home with positive impressions only. I do recommend this medication to everyone travelling to Africa for pleasure or on business. And don't pay attention to bad comments, your life is more important than any side effects that you may not have just as well.

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I took Mefloquine for two years while regularly visiting East Africa on business trips. I work as a photo journalist and I love my job deeply, though sometimes it prepares such unpleasant surprises like risk of infectious diseases, adventures in wild territories and hot spots. But to get something we have to give something away, sometimes some time, some efforts or some convenience. For the pleasure to work in Africa I take the risk of falling ill with infectious diseases. But of course I take all possible precautions to avoid the diseases and stay healthy. It is not a secret that Africa imposes high risk of getting hospitalized with malaria. So every time I go there I take antimalarial medication and every time it is Mefloquine. I know this drug, I have tried it out and it works well for me. Luckily and with due respect to the medicatin, during all my working time in Africa I had not a single case of malaria. I know that many people complain of the side effects they have after the medication, but I think it?s a very individual aspect. In any case side effects can't be worse than the disease itself. I know it as I have seen people suffering from malaria in fever, and dying unconscious.

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Though Violeta was not performing as ‘Violeta de Mayo', along with her flamenco repertoire and blood-red painted lips (which appealed to the style of the hundreds of Spanish refugees from the civil battle, who had been delivered to Chile by Pablo Neruda), her songs nonetheless weren't greeted with enthusiasm by her hermano padre.
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Different specialists highlighted that further measures would only control slightly than stop transmission of the virus, and questioned whether or not a proposed interval of two weeks would be effective.
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